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    Sunday with flowers

    Today I set-up at Columbia Road flower market. I was again not really early enough there, but enjoyed the couple of hours I spent with everyone. Here's a picture of my set.

    A big thanks again today to everyone who participated: Ben, Frances, Krunal, India-Ines, Allegra, Lucy, David, Zenobia, Donna, Doreen and li'l Taylas. You all brought so much joy and interest with you that made the time fly. I took eleven portraits today and had seven liked and four unliked.

    A couple of you suspected that I pick "the bad ones" on purpose when I briefly screen them before the print. Not so. Believe me, it makes me so very happy when you like a picture, take it home and cherrish it. It' so fascinating how we all have the same experience when looking at oursleves in a photograph. "That's not me!"

    A massive Cheers also to Allegra's sister for the free designer cupcake. Yummy!

    Finally a special shout to Shiu Kay Kan and his Soho lighting shop. Shiu Kan loved the project concept and took particular interest in my bike trailer :)


    First day at school

    The day came. Eight months in preparation, dreaming and worrying came to an end today, the Unlikeness project has kicked off.

    Everything took ages to get ready. Getting the trailer box sorted together with the heavy car battery, the printer with it's own power converter, laptop sound gear, paper leavelets, poster and then pulling it all on the back of my bike took some co-ordination. I'm constantly paranoid about someone nicking my gear, so everything is done in baby steps.

    I just about made it to Broadway market by 3pm taking my first image at four. I've met some amazing people in the following two hours. Fello and Raquel, Arlette, Vanessa and Chris as well as the dream team from Broadway Market: John, Adrian, Hassan and his wife Elaine and finally Allan. Everyone brought enough time  and curiosity with them to make my first day at school (In front of London Fields Primary School) an enjoyable event and a great kick-off for more.

    I took eight portraits and had three liked and five unliked. It was a fun and intimate three hours together. I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did.

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