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    Unlikeness is back for more

    Broadway Market Saturday 11th September. Be there.

    Here's the map:

    No show this weekend

    I'm absolutely snowed under in my "day job" and will probably work through the weekend as well. So UNLIKENESS is taking a break this weekend and will be back on 11th September.

    The mindfull meditation retreat from three weeks back now seems a loooooong time ago.

    Congratulations, we're 100 already!

    Finishing with the last portrait yesterday, I've now taken & printed 100 portraits over only six shooting days! Here are some stats on how they panned out so far:

    • 70 portraits were LIKED
    • 30 portraits were UNLIKED
    • 67 sitters were female
    • 33 sitters were male
    • Women are twice as likely to UNLIKE their portrait then men

    Thank you to all first one hundred participants! On to meet the next hundred.

    Bank Holiday Saturday

    Sunshine! What a glorious day! After days of rainy misery today started with a bright blue sky. Everyone's spirit was noticeably lifted. For three and a half hours I met new wonderful people, chatted, learned and photographed.

    John, Hassan, Alistair and all the Broadway Market Team are putting so much positive energy into this market, - it's an absolute pleasure to set up my mobile street portrait studio there every week.

    This was the largest shoot yet! I ran out of printer paper by the end of it. Twentyseven portraits in total. Two thirds liked, one third unliked their portraits. Over three and a half hours I had the pleasure to meet Alice, Giorgia, Fay, Nina, Susanna, Bennie, Lena, Sista, Claire, Julia, James, Claudia, Stanley, Caroline, Jesse, Miroslaw, Niove, Layal, Susanne, Amanda, Anastasia and the families of Sevim and Piyar. As always, a big Thank You for your patience, openess and impressions.

    Drizzle Day 

    Saturday was a drizzly-overcast dreary London day. Nevertheless have I met another wonderful group of London Fields and Broadway Market chracters. At times it felt like a Wimbledon final: rain covers on/off on/off.

    Advertising Managers and graphic designers, mums, a Psychotherapist, a Bookseler, a Musician, a Business Development Manager and an entire Argentine family crossed my lens.

    In the three hours of talking and shooting I took eighteen "liked" and (only) two "unliked" portraits. Either the weather is making people less choosy or more content with their own likeness. Or maybe I'm getting better at this.

    For anyone interested in a discussion amongst the participants and finding out about future shoots, we now have a facebook group:

    Unlikeness Portraits (facebook group)

    I'm somewhat a dinosaur when it comes to facebook, so I have no idea really what's going to happen to this group, but you're welcome to join and make it happen :)

    As always, a massive shout to all the contributors this week: Francesca, Stephen, Leila, Angelica, Lara+Eve+Francisca, Nigel, Cara, Ana, Diego+Silvia+Miranda+Serena+Ciro, Kitty+Daisy, Omer (again!), Lars, Abdullah, Lia and Lily! You all made my day. Drizzle or not.