Dalston Unlikeness
Friday, April 22, 2011 at 20:50
Marcus in Dalston, Shoot

Today's UNLIKENESS session took me to Dalston. A refreshingly mixed scene and community, down-to-earth, relaxed and jolly. Less then 10% of images were 'unliked' which either means the Dalston crowd was less self-critical or more expectant to 'get something' or I'm getting better at portraiture.

As always, my heartfelt gratitude to all participants, that's Robb, Courtney, Elizabeth, Aamir, Cesar, Alex, Mr B, Carol, Catherine, Ellis, Paa, Nana, Frank, Lennie, Huseyin, Lucy, Steve, Eve, Andy, Abbey, Aishat, the Keemat family, Aden, Louise, Carla and Katy.

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