Last Saturday in July
Saturday, July 31, 2010 at 18:11
Marcus in Broadway Market, Shoot

The Sun came out eventually. And so came the curious and wonderful people I met. Artists, Craftswomen, Mathematician, employed and not.

Many liked themselves in the image. At times it all became quite hectic trying to interleave one person's picture taking with another person's print and likeness-query. I felt stretched and looking back on it now, decided to not worry about trying to please everyone with speed and service. I think this shows in some of the images.

By the time I packed up I made 16 portraits with eleven people liking themselves in them and five not. A big thank you to all you amazing folk and your wonderful stories: Harriet, Rishi, Ken, Chris, Rosie, Toral, Amit, Kristen, Ruth, Alice, Miles, Omer, Giannina, Dominic, Jamie and Hubert!

I felt so full and buzzing from all the discussions we had. Hope you enjoyed it equally.

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