First day at school
Saturday, July 24, 2010 at 23:32
Marcus in Broadway Market, Shoot

The day came. Eight months in preparation, dreaming and worrying came to an end today, the Unlikeness project has kicked off.

Everything took ages to get ready. Getting the trailer box sorted together with the heavy car battery, the printer with it's own power converter, laptop sound gear, paper leavelets, poster and then pulling it all on the back of my bike took some co-ordination. I'm constantly paranoid about someone nicking my gear, so everything is done in baby steps.

I just about made it to Broadway market by 3pm taking my first image at four. I've met some amazing people in the following two hours. Fello and Raquel, Arlette, Vanessa and Chris as well as the dream team from Broadway Market: John, Adrian, Hassan and his wife Elaine and finally Allan. Everyone brought enough time  and curiosity with them to make my first day at school (In front of London Fields Primary School) an enjoyable event and a great kick-off for more.

I took eight portraits and had three liked and five unliked. It was a fun and intimate three hours together. I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did.

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Today we celebrated our one year anniversary. It seemed so short yet long ago, since I first wheeled out my aluminium box onto the top edge of broadway market. I was nervous and clueless how people would react, what they'd think and if they'd like or unlike their shots.

Back then on that first day I took eight portraits with three liked and five unliked. Today on my I took only seven portraits of which four were liked and three unliked.

Over the last year I've spent 33 days shooting for UNLIKENESs and have taken 581 portraits. 447 (77%) portraits were 'liked' and 134 (23%) portraits were 'unliked'. The gender split is 60:40 in favour of female and women are still twice as likely not to like themselves in their printed portrait then men.

The project made it around London's East End street markets, to a Bedford street art festival and to some of Berlin's weekend hotspots.

I've met many lovely people with a large cross section of trades, jobs and skills. I'm grateful for so many friends and contacts over the year and look forward to the 1000's portrait sometime in Autumn 2011.

Thank you to everyone who took part and a BIG WELCOME to everyone joining us in the year to come.

Much Love,


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